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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 20 Jan 2021

We are happy that OroPocket is going from strength to strengthen through partnering with other DeFi organizations. Such partnerships open many possibilities to its users.

In fact OroPocket is expanding its influence on the DeFi space.

Reef Finance: The partnership with Reef Finance is one of its latest move to create more value for its users. This will also make the value of the ORO token to increase remarkably.

Reef Finance has a seamless user interface which increases the usability of the platform. The good news is that the different tokenised Open DeFi assets will be available to people around the world through Reef Finance.

Also, other services will become available to many Reef Finance users, which increases the value of the ORO token. For example, loan facilities will extent to many people.

UNOS Finance: This enables many people to make future oriented investments which give people financial freedom. Interestingly, OroPocket Users will be able to borrow and lend ORO on the platform.

ChangeNow: Probably this one of the recent greatest developments. ORO token is now tradable on ChangeNow, opening a great opportunity for expansion and success. As you know there are no limits on ChangeNow. In addition, people can swap ORO token with other cryptocurrencies.

New features: Apart from the partnerships, OpenDeFi has introduced new features: - XTZGold and XTZSilver Systematic Purchase Plan (SPP) with Bitdroplet!

It is now possible for investors to grow their portfolios and earn passively. Impressively, the investors do not lose their holdings on their assets.

For your own information, XTZGOLD AND XTZSILVER are OpenDeFi tokens which are backed by real assets secured in Brinks Vaults.

On the other hand, BitDroplet is a platform which allows people to invest in ORO through a Systematic Purchase Plan (SPP).


OpenDeFi community is growing by day, as many investors, lenders and borrowers join it. This is because it is offering priceless services to the people around the world. Everyone is free to join. I have personally enjoyed the friendly atmosphere OroPocket has.

If you are interested to join OroPocket hook up with us in any of the following platforms:







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