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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 12 Jun 2021

The term magic coins may be intimidating to others, yet attractive to some. This is because there are many people in the world who believe in magic. However, the term Magic Coins does not necessary refers to coins that are connected to mystical power.

The coins are magic in the sense that they give hope to people who want to earn cryptocurrencies online. And these magic coins are minted by Levelnaut, a company poised to make a big impact on the crypto stage.

In fact, Levelnaut presents an opportunity for people to earn cryptocurrencies into the future using their knowledge and effort. It values the participation of its community. We will discuss the three magic coins we have and how you can earn them for your community participation.

Four interrelated coins

The Elven economy has four coins or tokens, call them. Each type of token has a specific purpose in the Elven Economy. By the way we call it Elven economy, basing on our main token the Elven coin. The Elven coin is built on the tron blockchain and is already listed on justswap. Since many people know about this token, we will not talk much about it.

We can only reiterate how you can get it and benefit from it.

You can provide liquidity on justswap and earn from the transaction fee.

Here is the link. Elven coin is paired with Tron:


Virtual land

For you to better understand the magic coins, you should learn about the magic land called ElvenLand, where all residents will earn three magic coins - Elven10, Lerta and Cryst.

These three tokens are created to support the main coin, the Elven.

People cannot earn the Elven coin, they buy it. However, our community members will earn the other three coins- Elven10, Lerta and Cryst- through their participation and loyalty.

In fact, these coins are also called loyalty tokens, as people earn them for cooperating and working with the Elven Economy.

The good thing is that people can exchange these three magic coins with Elven coin and cash out, like any other cryptocurrency.

Elven10: This is a special coin which you only earn for participating in our social platform called Poziturbo. How do you do that? It’s not difficult at all. You simply create a group at, and keep it active. In the end, you earn a monthly reward in form of the Elven10 coin.

Lerta: People earn Lerta for educating others about cryptocurrencies, Elven coin and the Levelnaut economy. Since, it is listed at justswap, people can also buy it.

However, one of the most interesting ways to earn this coin is to sell your own instructions, explanations, manuals, technologies, etc on our platform So you earn from creating content.

 Cryst: This is our special cryptocurrency, also called “positive crystals. People can buy them, earn them at ElvenLand and get them from our magic field. To do this, you need to take part in regular draws of chests with magic crystals on ElvenLand.

Guys, welcome to magic land and magic coins.


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