Fish farming versus Crypto Farming.

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 15 Nov 2020

It was on a Sunday; we were all relaxing with a couple of friends. We watched our national soccer team. Unfortunately, the Algerian national soccer team walloped ours 3-1. So, our mood swung to the unpleasant side. As a result, we decided going fishing on one of my colleague’s fish farming project.

It was a ten-minute drive by car, but we walked. Sadly, only the two of us knew about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, which became the primary topic for discussion.

The first focus of our conversation was on soccer. It then drifted into fish farming and then into crypto farming. However, there was a collision of two worlds.

It was John, the tall, tech savvy guy who changed the discussion from fish farming to crypto farming.

“It’s nice, that we have caught a few big fish,” said John, flipping his hands through his uncombed hair.

I responded, “I really enjoyed the fishing process. So relaxing, but my mind is on my online business. I have several tasks to attend today.”

“About farming or mining!” John examined me deeper.

“I am more interested in high yield farming projects. I tried trading, but it’s not good for me.”

“We think alike,” added John. “But which is the best farming opportunity?”

“Fish farming,” chipped in Kyle, with his usual confidence.

John and I laughed, but not to derision.

I said, “We are talking about crypto farming my boy.”

“I see,” he retorted.

I replied to John’s question on farming. “Harvest Finance, is the best as of now.”

 “You see, just look at it. Harvest Finance launched its greatest products on market recently. As a matter of fact, you know that they launched on September 1.”

“Yes, I do,” John responded.

I continued: “Look at its farming strategies. It’s massive. It constantly comes up with attractive strategies. Let me enumerate a few:

On 1 September, Harvest Finance launched the yCRV CRV farming support for DAI, USDC, USDT

On 6 September, it added the Harvest SWRV farming support for DAI, USDC, USDT

On 8 September 2020, again, it added the CurveRenWBTC CRV farming support for WBTC, renBTC, crvRenWBTC.”

 On 17 September, it introduced the UNI farming support for ETH-DAI, ETH-USDC, ETH-USDT, and ETH-WBTC.” I smiled and asked him, “Are these not showing you how savvy the team is? Harvest Finance uses very tactical farming strategies. There are geniuses behind this project.

“I concur,” responded John

“But I do not concur,” chipped in Kyle. “You mean that their strategies are so superior that their team can beat Algeria National Soccer team. Remember Algeria is the champion of Africa and recently it …..”

Both John and I broke into laughter.

I took my time to explain to him. “You know what Kyle, we are talking about the blockchain. Harvest Finance is a DeFi project, which is rocking the world. The yield is so high, we cannot compare it to any  existing farming or staking projects.”

“That’s not true. If you grow grapes or Macadamia nuts, then you see that there are some crops with better yields than your Harvest Finance”, Kyle defended himself.

“We are talking of crypto farming yields in the DeFi sphere,” John interjected. Cryptocurrencies are the farming field of the world. “You better stop fish farming and join crypto farming with Harvest Finance, my boy.”

“Damn you guys,” John reacted. “I am not interested in the brokechain and your defiance business, whatever that Defi thing is.”

He laughed to himself loudly for some time and said, “This business of farming evolved over a long time.  Now, imagine we have fish farming, mushroom farming, animal farming and crypto farming.”

 He shook his head in disbelief and posed a question to us, “Can someone farm cryptocurrencies on the same land as other crops or keep the cryptocurrencies together with cattle?”

“I will explain later, Kyle,” I replied to him and focused on John’s question. Harvest Finance is the platform to be. It is a high yield project. It is a real decentralized business. As they say, “Harvest Finance bring bread to people.” If you invest, you will make it in the DeFi ecosystem.”

“So, how am I going to start?”

“The process is simple. Very simple. Just follow the steps I tell you now:

“Buy some USDC coins from any of the following exchanges, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro or Binance.”

“Next, move your USDC into Your Wallet. However, use a browser interface such as Metamask for this.”

“Then deposit your USDC into the farm to earn some coins.”

“So simple, all done and you will earn coins at Harvest Finance.”

The three of us laughed for long, hugging one another.

Kyle broke the laughter when he said, “Now I want to expand my farming business to growing cryptocurrencies with Harvest Finance technology. Maybe they have quality fertilizer and animal feed.”

We laughed for long……..


About Harvest Finance

Harvest Finance is a DeFi protocol that provides high farming yields through optimizing returns by using the latest farming technology. The focus of Harvest Finance is to help its community members to farm the latest DeFi projects, which have different reward tokens.

Harvest Finance Community

The harvest Finance community is growing by day. You are free to join any of these platforms to get updates on Harvest Farming.






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