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Maybe you are familiar with ElvenLand, the land of Elves. We hope you know the definition of elves.  One dictionary defines elves as: “a supernatural creature of folk tales typically represented as a small, delicate, elusive figure in human form with pointed ears, magical powers, and a capricious nature.”

But in reality our ElvenLand is not a supernatural creature, but there is something supernatural or magic about it.  It is the thought behind the idea or vision of the ElvenLand project.

There is a magic touch in the land of the Elven Coins, or you may call it the land of the tron coins. This is because ElvenLand boasts of 26 tokens built on the TRON blockchain.

So, in simple terms, ElvenLand is a land of the tron coins ranging from AMIKO to ZAPPY. The tokens match all the letters of the Alphabet from A to Z. With this in mind, the Elven Club is the home of Elven coin holders. We are talking of the team with the guts to create 26 tokens on TRON chain.

Frankly, you can become part of the team and the club, and venture into the future, with hope.

What is Elven Club?

This is a club or association of people who hold any one of the 26 tokens. We cannot discuss all of them now. For example, we have AMIKO, a token to promote our partnerships.

CYRST:  this is a token that powers our social media platform

VENDO: this is a coin for our exchange called Vendisto.

TASKO: this is a coin that people earn for performing various tasks on our platforms.

OFICO: this is a token for office bearers. They earn as salaries and perks.

These make our teaser. But the point is that with ElvenLand we can never be losers.

Check all the coins here:  Check here:

How to become a member?

You need to hold at least one token to become a member of the Elven Club. However; you need to accumulate all the 26 tokens in order for you to become a citizen of ElvenLand.

By the way, ElvenLand is a virtual country where anyone anywhere else in the world can become a member.

It shall have its egovernment and eparliament.

In order to become a member, visit this telegram chat, and then follow the proceedings

What are the benefits of being a club member?

First, you will become a citizen of ElvenLand.

Secondly, you earn various coins by participating in different activities,

There are superior investment opportunities in the project.

You meet likeminded people and share the same vision.

In other words, ElvenLand is a very good company, with various remote tasks to do.

There are opportunities for donations and support for one another.

Leadership development

The issue of leadership development is important for many traditional companies. However, ElvenLand has the same platform. We have a platform to develop potential leaders through mentorship and counselling.

It educates people with the ambition to work in crypto projects. In our previous article, we wrote about the humanistic approach of ElvenLand or Elven projects. We are humans and we need to develop one another. That is one of the underlying principles of the land of the Elven coins.

There is a clear career planning programme, which starts with our ambassador program and ends with project managers.

There is room for everyone to prosper, at least for now when opportunities are there.

More information

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