Elven Club, how to benefit from it

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 12 Aug 2021

ElvenLand is rocking the headlines as of now, for good reasons. Maybe, you have not heard about this crypto project, ElvenLand is based on the TRON blockchain.

This is quite a unique crypto project which boasts of 26 tokens, all built on the TRON blockchain. Each Token has a separate function. For example, OFICO is a token used to pay all workers at the company.


AMIKO is a token used to honour all our partners, while Elven10 is to reward all social media users of PozitUrbo. Cryst is for rewarding people who are creating positeca groups. There are so many interesting coins. Check here: But now, we want to focus on Elven Club.

Elven Club

Elven Club is a symbol of unity in ElvenLand, a virtual land for crypto lovers. This issue of virtual land is not new, it has been in existence for some time now. However, many predecessors of this concept failed to do it the right way.

Therefore, all people who support the ElvenLand vision can become part of this club and benefit from its provisions. In other words, all citizens of ElvenLand can join this club.


Citizenship in ElvenLand

Many people want to know how they become citizens. An individual can become a citizen of ElvenLand by holding all the 26 tokens issued by this virtual country or land. The good thing is there is no requirement for the number of coins one has to hold.

The other important thing is that, for now you can buy many coins at a very low price. The coins exist on

When you are a citizen you have many privileges such as joining the governance system. You can also become a worker or participate in some of its unique investment opportunities. For instance there is RICHA, an exclusive group of major investors in the project.

What can you do now to be part of this grandiose club?

It’s simple. Visit the website Then navigate down until you find where it is written Elven Coin Ambassador Program, click there. You will get more information in the group.


Investment opportunities

Currently the main investment opportunity is liquidity provision.  You can provide liquidity in the ELVEN/TRX pair.

Additional information

Please get additional information in the following articles:



ElvenLand is a great project to join and participate in. If interested to get more information visit any of the following communities:


Telegram <


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