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Ecommerce has changed since the inception of cryptocurrency. Many e-commerce stores are accepting cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, ethereum and WEC. There are also ecommerce platforms that operate on the blockchain technology.

OmniBazaar is one of the best ecommerce platform operating on the blockchain technology.  This is a peer to peer marketplace. With a peer to peer marketplace, sellers and buyers interact with one another. They agree on their transactions.

In order for this smooth arrangement to work, the sellers list their products on the platform. They set their prices or any after sale services they offer. Upon being on the platform, buyers identify the goods or services they want and arrange for a transaction.

With a peer to peer marketplace, there is no involvement of middlemen. They make use of smart contracts.

OmniBazaar offers very good trading terms. Both buyers and sellers earn cryptocurrency called Omni Coin. When a seller lists a product on the platform, he/she is paid a certain amount of crypto coins. The crypto coin, Omni coin is used for buying goods at the platform.


OmniBazaar also accepts other cryptocurrency such as ethereum and bitcoins. So buyers can pay with these currencies.

There are many ways of earning cryptocurrencies at OmniBazaar. Members can offer services such as escrow services. They can also offer server services to the platform. Members benefit from a referral system. A member is paid for inviting friends to join the marketplace. 

However, in order for buyers and sellers to benefit the most, people from the same country should be members. This reduces the transport cost of the goods. These is because the goods are usually transported using courier services. If people are from different countries the cost of postage can be high.


Goods purchased from other countries may require a payment of excise duty when entering the country. This makes it expensive now.

One advantage of using OmniBazaar is that a member becomes both a seller and a buyer. Every person can sell goods or services. He/she can also buy goods and services at the same platform.


Apart from buying goods and services using the Omni Coin, the coin can be traded on an exchange. This gives members the room to get fiat currency.

What exactly can you buy and sell?

You can buy and sell any of the following:

  • You sell and buy goods, just like people do at eBay, Amazon and Alibaba.
  • People can sell personal items, as what takes place at Etsy and Craigslist
  • You can also sell professional services, like what happens at Upwork, Freelancer and Guru.
  • People can sell gigs and contract services, the way you do at Fiverr and Gigbucks.
  • You can also buy or sell cryptocurrencies like what people do at Localethereum and Remitano.


As you can see, there is great benefit of being a member of OmniBazaar. To start, you need to download its application and register. You earn Omni coins from mere registering as a member. From there, you can start trading.

To join click OmniBazaar





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