Doracakeswap versus ElvenLand partnership

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 23 Jul 2021

Doracakeswap recently entered into a partnership with ElvenLand aimed at increasing the adoption of their tokens. Doracakeswap has an internal token called Doracake which is built on the Binance Smart Contract.

On the other hand, ElvenLand has its own token called Elven coin, developed on Tron blockchain. The Elven coin is currently trading on justswap paired with TRX. On the other side, Doracakeswap is listed on Panecakeswap.

What’s in common between the two?

These crypto projects have much in common. For example, both are looking forward to establishing their decentralized exchanges. ElvenLand has a name for the exchange.  It shall be called Vendisto.


In preparation for the launch of the exchange which should come anytime in the first quarter of 2022, ElvenLand is running an informal trading marketplace of telegram, by the name Vendisto.

Visit Vendisto now.

In the Vendisto marketplace, people trade Elven coin against its subsidiary tokens which include Cryst, Klubo, Elven10 and Lerta. The daily rates are announced at different times around the day.

More interestingly, people can swap Elven coin for Doracake.

How will the two parties benefit from the partnership?

Both companies anticipate that the partnership will result in the greater adoption of both coins. They are carrying out cross promotion of their tokens.  They thus anticipate in order benefiting from the network effect.

Investing opportunities

Both companies have different investment opportunities. Doracakeswap offers its users the chance to earn money from staking Doracake. On the other hand, ElvenLand offers its users the opportunity to provide liquidity to the Elven coin/TRX pair.

Possible future cooperation

When the two companies have their own exchanges, they list each other’s tokens there.


Both ElvenLand and Doracakeswap have large presence online.

Doracakeswap communities:


Twitter :


ElvenLand communities

The Elven Coin community is growing by the day, from humble origins. It’s free for anyone to join one or all of the following social platforms:





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