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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 3 Jul 2021

There are several attributes which make a cryptocurrency worth investing in. However, one of the most important factor is its products and services.

In this age of cryptocurrencies, it is no longer worthwhile to invest in a coin or token which does not have good products and services. Such coins tend to become worthless and as their value do not increase over time. The end result would be discarding them.

This is not the same with the Doracake, a native token of Doracakeswap, built on the Binance Smart Chain. As of now, there is one big fact to understand. Most tokens existing on the Binance chain are worthwhile. Binance does not accept worthless tokens, to add numbers.

Secondly, the Binance tokens exist on great exchanges including Pancakeswap. As expected the Doracake also exists on Pancakeswap.

Basic information

In order for an individual to invest in a token he/she should have basic information about the token. The time to blindly invest in a cryptocurrency is over.

Doracake supply: The total supply of the Doracake is 50 000 million coins. What difference does this token have as compared to other coins? It has small finite amount of 50 000 million tokens. This is unlike other cryptocurrencies with very large token supply. For example, we have seen many tokens built on the Tron blockchain, having 300 million and above.

In economics, the supply of a cryptocurrency determines its value. The coins with large supplies usually struggle to have high prices. This is because the price of a cryptocurrency is determined by its supply and demand.

In respect to Doracake, the main area, we need to focus on is the demand side because we have a very small finite supply. This in itself should give you the confidence to invest in it. As you may know, currently you can stake your Doracake and earn 120% return on investment per year.


You can store your Doracake in two wallets, which are secure. These are

MetaMask: By standards, this is one of the best wallets in existence. Your Doracake are secure in this wallet.

Trust wallet: This is another very secure wallet. Simply visit the website Trustwallet and install it.

Doracake Multi-wallet: Our wallet will be released soon, as shown on our roadmap. However, this is a significant wallet as it enables traders to execute their various orders on the same interface.


Other products

Apart from the Multi-wallet, Doracake has other products related to DeFi and NFT.

DeFi- Decentralized exchange: The exchange helps people to become flexible as they carry out various trades in a convenient manner.

Buying cryptocurrencies with credit cards: Doracakeswap enables people to buy various cryptocurrencies using credit cards. Therefore, it becomes convenient to buy and sell goods and services using coins and tokens.

NFT: With a Non-Fungible Token base, it gets easier for the users to deal with different assets while protecting them. It also helps in maintaining an automated liquidity pool with several features. Therefore NFTs increases the tradable assets we find in the Doracakeswap economy.

Additional information:

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Buying Doracake

As pointed out previous Doracake is on Pancakeswap, and you can purchase it there. Simply visit the following link and purchase your Doracake now:



As we have noted, Doracakeswap has various products, suitable to various needs of crypto users.


Doracakeswap has a vibrant community. Feel free to join any of the following platforms.








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