Doracakeswap Goes for an NFT Marketplace

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 9 Oct 2021

Doracakeswap is the next generation of crypto exchange existing on the Binance Smart Contract (BSC).  We know that most of you smile when you hear about the Binance Smart Contract, due to its security and low transaction fee structure. That is why we chose it in the first place.

Focus on community

This simply means that Doracakeswap works closely with its community and derives its focus from it.  As a result, it does things in the interest of the community members or its supporters and fans. We fully understand that our community is our base that is why we are willing to do much for them. 

NFT marketplace

In line with developing trends, Doracakeswap will launch an NFT marketplace, which will feature tokens of renowned artists. By the way, NFTs are trending digital assets which show ownership of a piece of art of physical asset such as clothing items.  Now this product is now ready for launch.

Doracakeswap noncustodial exchange

True. Doracakeswap is a non custodial crypto exchange. This means that the people’s tokens and coins will not be owned by Doracake at anytime.  In other words, Doracakeswap does not keep people’s private keys. The cryptocurrencies stay in their holders’ wallets.


Staking is one of its main investment activity as it a safe way of investing in cryptocurrencies. It has 120% APR.  Many people are staking their Doracake holdings.

Doracakeswap, however, has other products such as lottery and multi-wallet.  


In short, Doracakeswap is a secure investment platform. You simply connect your wallets to the platform and trade your coins and tokens. Currently the most important way of earn is through staking the Doracake and earn a return of 120 percent per annum.


 We invite you to join the Doracakeswap communities and get greater details.









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