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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 13 Feb 2021

The focus of Doki Doki is to create value for codes and visual impressions by turning them into NFTs. As a result, people can buy and sell these NFTs.

The inspiration behind Doki Doki is the Japanese value of aesthetics, exhibited in creative work.


The philosophy behind the name Doki Doki is excitement and happiness, as the term Doki Doki means quick heart beating, emanating from happiness.

As regard Doki Doki, its aims is to build a suite of sustainable products which brings value to as many people as possible.

Definitely, its goal is to create value for its community. Its members can buy and sell NFTs and the $DOKI token. As you can see, Doki Doki takes care of its priceless members, empowering them economically in the process.

Among the innovative products that create value to the community are DSwap, DBank, and DCover. These products normally exist in the traditional financial sector, in the insurance, exchange and banking areas. Now, Doki Doki has made them available on the blockchain.

Therefore, anyone, anywhere can benefit from these products.

As I pointed above, the NFTS are the backbone of the Doki Doki business model and they create real value for the participants.

The importance of the Doki Doki Project

The NFTs are at the core of Doki Doki due to several reasons.

First, there are many collectibles in Japan which people can turn into NFTs. In other words Doki Doki tokenizes these collectibles.

Now imagine the value that these Japanese collectibles such as artefacts bring to the world.  

In actual fact, the collectibles industry is very large in Japan as the industry generates more than US$ 6 billion per year.

Now, Doki Doki aims to replicate that huge revenue generation, through NFTs in the crypto space. The truth is that this business is viable. Anyone willing to participate in it will not fail.

Thus, you and I have a great opportunity to work alongside Doki Doki to achieve its great vision.

As a matter of fact, the NFTs exist in many forms such as NFTs with unlockable content, NFT-backed music, NFT-backed video, event tickets, real-world assets, NFT financial derivatives, virtual game items and property.

Now just look at how huge the opportunity before you is like.  


Contribution of Doki Doki

It offers solution to some problems existing in DeFi ecosystem.

Doki Doki ensures fair distribution of returns through public whitelisting.

It has a transparent and true participative governance system. Therefore, we all participate in making necessary changes in the Doki Doki platform.

For example, the community chooses best pools or the most preferred emission rate. Members also decide on rewards and multipliers in the Doki Doki ecosystem.

Doki Doki has very low transaction costs.

How you benefit by being a member of Doki Doki community?

Staking: There are various staking options. For instance you can stake through different pools such as Pool 1-$DOKI Pool, Pool 2- $DOKI / ETH Uniswap LP Pool, Pool 3 -$WBTC Pool and Pool 4—$WETH Pool.


The interesting fact is that the pools have different yields and risks. Thus, you can choose the most suitable pool to put your money in.

Mining: There is a mining program which everyone can take part in. You can mine through participation. For example, you can become a creator, merchant, and consumer and earn through driving volume on the platform.

Farming: Community members can farm tokens through the NFT Farming dApp. For example, you can do so through various means such as creating memes, redeeming secondary token or partnering with others.

Swapping: Finally, Doki Doki intends to have a token swapping function, enabling users to convert one token to another.


The Doki Doki community is growing by day because participants have many ways to benefit.

For you to get the finer details join the following communities.








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