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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 26 Mar 2021

Crypto ambassador programs are a new phenomenon on the crypto space. In fact, these are the hottest earning opportunities out there. In simple terms, the ambassadors are a team of people who participate in promoting a crypto project.

Ambassador programs, in most cases, are part of bounty programs. The selected and trained individuals campaign on behalf of a company or coin. Ambassador programs have taken the place of faucets in many instances. The ambassadors are paid using the project’s tokens or coins.

So, next time, you come across an ambassador program, analyse its terms. It could be a way for you to earn cryptocurrencies.

The good thing about ambassador programs is that the marketing activities are organized, with objectives. A company can change the activities at will according to the existing conditions.

Ambassadors usually do the following:

  • Writing articles promoting the company and its cryptocurrency.
  • Creating memes and Infographics, passing vital information to the crypto community.
  • Creating videos that promote the company.
  • Creating social media platforms for the organization.
  • Posting content on social platforms such as Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, among others.

Why are ambassador program better than the other forms of bounty programs?

Ambassador programs have distinct advantages such as:

  • The company trains the ambassador on exactly what it wants achieved.
  • There is a human interface with the ambassadors.
  • A variety of activities are carried out – article writing, video creation, social media campaigns etc.
  • The ambassadors become loyal to the company, as there will be a long lasting relationships.
  • The ambassadors end up investing in the company. They become the major investors, as they use the coins they earn to reinvest through staking or yield farming.

Types of ambassadorial roles

As discussed above, the ambassadors carry out various activities. The major roles are:

Content creators: This category include writers, video creators and other artists. They publish the content on many platforms including crypto blogging sites.  

Community managers: These are the people who create social media platforms that promote the company. The social media platforms are usually established at Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Discord. Other companies work on Bitcointalk platform.

How can you prepare to become an ambassador?

I am writing about being an ambassador because I earn through that now, as I speak. This is more dependable than faucets and other forms of airdrops. Interestingly, this is an evolving role in the crypto space.


As I pointed out earlier on, if you want to become an ambassador, you should do certain things in specific ways.  So, here is what you can do:

Increase your knowledge of cryptocurrencies by reading around: Subscribe to important sites such as NewsCrypto and

Start crypto blogs: Usually, when you apply to become an ambassador. The company representatives interview you. All they want is proof that you can do the task at hand. The best way to position yourself is through contributing articles to sites such as:





You can also create your blogs on Medium and Reddit. LinkedIn is another very good place to publish your crypto related articles.

In terms of videos you can publish them at Twitch or YouTube.

One other thing the companies want is your experience with some other crypto organization. Take your time to join some now, if you want to earn as a crypto ambassador.



The new way in which new crypto projects market themselves and airdrop their tokens is through ambassador programs. The time for faucets and unorganized airdrops is coming to an end. This information is also very useful to companies that are getting into the Presale phases. The company benefits the most with ambassador programs rather than social media airdrop programs.



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