Blockster: Number 1 blockchain-based social platform

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 3 Aug 2021

Many people are much aware of traditional social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. However, there are also social media platforms based on the blockchain. One such platform is Blockster.

The aim of Blockster is to become the number one social media platform in the blockchain space. In fact, it is the number one blockchain-based social media. This is because it boasts of over 300 000 members. We know no other blockchain-based social media with such a following.

How is a blockchain-based social media platform different from traditional platforms?

This is an interesting question, worthy of reflecting on. Essentially, Blockster users perform the same activities as on any traditional social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In fact, it has even advanced features.

However, without focusing on the features, let’s explain the main difference. Traditional social media platforms such as Twitter, collect advertising revenue and use it in the way they want. They do not distribute their profit to their community.

However, a blockchain-based social media platform gives back to the community. In fact, it distributes part of the revenue generated through advertising with its community. It does this by distributing its digital currency called BXR to its members.

All the people who stake its internal token, BXR, get a share from the revenue generated from advertisements.

Apart from this, it offers its community members the opportunity to earn on the platform in various ways. For example, content creators earn BXR tokens through the tipping feature.

Nature of content and activities

The truth is that people can share content as they like. However, the main focus of Blockster is to enable people to share crypto-related content. For example, people share content on how to trade cryptocurrencies successfully. There is a diversity of crypto content on the platform. 

Blockster has a special blog where people find relevant and important content about various topics. In that way, Blockster helps people to learn more about cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

Blockster also has an academy that enables people to learn valuable material and succeed in their crypto-based investments.

BXR token

Blockster has its internal token called BXR, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. There is already an arrangement to list this token on major exchanges. The listing will take place in quarter 4 of 2021. We are already heading towards the third quarter, anyway.

Earning opportunities

When we discuss blockchain projects, the main question that comes to people’s minds is: How do we benefit? In other words, how do the users benefit?

The members earn in several ways:

Content creation: As we pointed out earlier on when you create your content, other members have the opportunity to tip it and you earn some BXR tokens.

Referring others to join: Yes, Blockster has a lucrative referral system. You earn the BXR tokens in proportion to the number of people you refer to join. You use your unique link.

Staking BXR: Once you earn or buy the BXR tokens, you can stake them and earn more in return. Overall, staking is the safest way of investing in cryptocurrencies.

How to access Blockster?

Currently, a limited number of people can join directly. Most people go on a waiting list. However, soon everyone has the chance to join there and then.

Simply visit its web platform. Just click Blockster Now.

In the very near future, people will access Blockster on Android and IOS, through the apps.


Onboarding other crypto projects

We have only referred to individuals in our discussions. However, Blockster has excellent services for all blockchain-based projects. Once they partner with Blockster, they will have their profiles on the Blockster website.

This is a strong marketing opportunity to get users. In addition, Blockster offers affordable advertising rates for its commercial partners.


We have already discussed the Blockster Community.

If you are interested to join, click Telegram.




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