BitExchange Gives Away $100 Worth Tokens Airdrop per Person.

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 12 Sep 2020

Giveaway Cryptos $$$$$

Maybe you have not heard of this opportunity as yet. However, it has already rocked the world. I am talking about BitExchange. This is a new crypto exchange which is giving up many tokens as its airdrop drive.

It has not taken the path of making people complete tasks such as Facebook or Twitters and joining. Its airdrop is distributed through is referral system. For example, by mere joining you get 1000 tokens, worth $0.1.

How long this airdrop will last, we have to wait and find out.  The good news is that anyone interested can get his or her share now. Starting this hour, you have heard me.  Considering that you get 1 000 coins at a rate of $0.1 per coin, it means that you earn $100 worth of coins just for joining.



My perception is that, since it is an exchange the value of the coin will definitely increase within a short period of time.


What are the other benefits?

This is a good question. Apart from your 1 000 coins for joining, you get 2 000 coins for someone who joins under you. Remember that each coin is currently $0.1, so 2 000 coins are currently $200. So, we say at the current price of the coin, you get $200 for someone who joins under you.

It seems unbelievable but that is the fact, as I speak. However, as you know with airdrops they may come to an end. For your own information, the company has 1 billion coins for the airdrop. Their token is called BEX.


Let us say the airdrop comes to an end, how will you benefit? There are a number of benefits. You will earn at least 15% of the fees generated from trading by your referrals.

In fact the facts are as follows:

For any number of referrals below 25 you earn 15% of the trading fee they generate.

If you have 25 referrals, you earn 20% of the trading fees they generate

For 50 referrals, you earn 25% of the trading fees generated.

For 100 referrals, you earn 30% of the fees generated.

For 500 and above referrals, you earn 35% as a commission from the trading fees they generate.



Withdrawal and investment


You withdraw your profits on a daily basis. You can trade and earn. However, if you are risk averse, you can stake your cryptos and earn a passive income. You earn 35% from their daily staking profit. Please, note this: You do not earn a daily profit of 35%, but 35% of the daily profit raised by your staked amount.

In fact, the guaranteed profit from your staking is 3%, but you can get more depending on the income generated from your staked amount.  For small amounts that are staked there is no locking up.

However, there is locking up, if you wish to earn higher profit levels when you invest large amounts of money. It is currently accepting ETH and Bitcoin as investment funds.


The focus of Bitexchange is to enable ordinary people to earn a decent income from their efforts.

When registering on their platform there is one thing that may confuse you. All letters are in capital, including the email address. However, it works that way.

We are not very definite on how this company will fare. However, being an exchange with its own currency, the value of the token may rise beyond $0.1 very soon. It is currently on Twitter but it promises to increase its chatting social platforms soon.

My prediction that its coin value will go up soon is based on the behaviour of coins of platforms with own exchanges. I have some experience with Web Token Profit which started operation about two years ago. Its coins, WEC has been listed on a number of exchanges in July 2020, meaning as for now, just three months. However the value of the WEC is now $12.

The reason for the firm value of the WEC, is the existence of the company’s own exchange called CoinGalaxy. With the introduction of its play centre, called WECPlay, where many games are played and people winning many prices, the coin is gaining momentum very fast.


So, there are similarities between Web Token Profit and BitExchange, in that they have exchanges with their own coins.  Considering trying then click BitExchange. For Web Token Profit click WTP




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