African Writers Bureau Launches a Poetry Wring Course

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 14 Mar 2019

We have something to introduce to poetry lovers in Africa. This is a poetry writing course. You can read the material online for free. I mean anyone can access the course material for free. One pays when he/she wants to get additional tutorials, coaching and editing. 2.jpg  


You can access the free course material  at African Writers' Bureau Poetry Writing Course  


Simply open your account and start reading. It is beneficial.   We are currently offering the first two people to join the Poetry Writing Course for free. At the same, you stand an opportunity to form a branch in your country and earn from it.  


 Join our facebook group for full details. The facebook link is at the end of the following article which introduces the African Writers' Bureau, African Writers' Bureau Opens its Doors  


Now, have a teaser of a poem:  


Bury me in Africa  


If I visit a foreign land
Then fail to come back,
When I have died,
Failing to come back to the land of my birth'
Where my mother's menstrual blood flowed,
Take me, ferry me to Africa.  

  I grew up in Savannah of Sub Sahara Africa;
Where wasps stung me
Inducing tears from my eyes to fall
To sink down into Africa's soils.  

  When I labored in the fields
The sun scotched me-
Sweat fell from my skin
And was sucked by Africa.  

  I sipped out blood from bleeding gums
And spat on Africa's dry footpaths.
These moments, such memories shake me,
Africa is my brooder

And I will be perpetually its son
Bury me in Africa.

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