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By Ronnie10 | CryptoSlice | 5 Mar 2020

This is an interesting app that I have came across a while ago. The idea of earning crypto while moving around. I was not sure that this was true until I have tested it myself.

Before I start, I just want to post a disclaimer: This is a personal opinion and I am not responsible for the outcomes of your decisions nor the comments posted below or any link in this post. This post should be viewed for entertainment purposes only.

Now, let's talk about the application.

The COIN app is something like Pokemon Go. If you have played the game then you would know what I am talking about.

The first thing you need to know about this app is the term "Geomining".

1. So, what is Geomining?

This is the way you are going to earn XYO COIN (ERC-20) using your GPS. All you need to do is to move around pass the "tiles" or we can call them blocks and your app is going to mine the block /tile. But, that is no the only way to earn XYO Coin.

2. Ways To Earn XYO COIN.


The above is a screenshot from the application. We are just going to discuss in this part the different ways of earning XYO. We have already talked about Geomining and I will cover what is important from the above menu.

1- Bonus Drops: These drops are on daily basis. They are rewarding you for using the app.

2- HODL Rewards: Many of you are familiar with the term HODL. So, the more XYO balance you have in the app at the end of the day, the more you are going to earn. Just check it once a day to claim the reward.

3- Background Rewards: Of course, you are not going to have the app running 24/7 on your device. But, it is rewarding for the time you are not using the app.

4- Referral Program: I have tested the referral program and I can see that it is offering a very small amount of XYO from my referral. But, I think this would be beneficial to if you have many referrals.

5- Ads: Additionally, you could earn more by viewing ads.


If all of that sounds good to you. Then, click here to download.

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