Raydium(Ray) staking, 20% passive income

By nopainnogain | CryptoShare | 20 May 2021

Hello crypto lovers, even if markets are having a difficult week, I keep on trying to find the best assets to stake to make a good passive income.

My last pick has been Raydium.

Raydium is the first defi project built on solana blockchain and ,as the $SOL token, can be staked to get rewards.

How to stake Raydium?

Is possible to stake Ray in a few ways. For sure the most profitable one would be in solana’s defi using a solana compatible wallet.

I decided to try the easiest way that is to stake ray on Ftx exchange.

The yeld is 20% so good enough in my humble opinion to deserve a try out!

Keep in mind

-you can choose the amount to stake

-you won’t be able to use your staked coins until you unstake them

-unstaking need 7 days

-during the 7 “unstaking” days you will not receive rewards

My opinions

I usually prefer to stake coins on private wallet but solana is a new project and afaik there is still not a wallet doing it in this way.(like trust,atomic or exodus)

The 20% yeld is a good reward and is quite easy to get because you only need an ftx account for which you don’t even need a full kyc(few minutes to open a new account).

If you want to try ftx exchange:



Thanks for reading and remember always dyor!


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