Not your keys not your crypto, how much can you get from bankruptcy claims

By nopainnogain | CryptoShare | 22 Jan 2023

Hey everybody, crypto world has been hard hitten in the last year from different bankruptcy cases.
The crypto lenders Celsius network, Voyager, Genesis and Blockfi resulted insolvent after loosing most of their coins because of bad management.

Ftx exchange(2nd biggest exchange in the world before falling down) filled for bankruptcy after ftt token felt down on cz’s tweets.

So what is next?

Bankruptcy cases are uncertain about recovered amount and time needed to do that before the concrete assets’ restitution.
That’s why a new market is born: the bankruptcy claims market.

Affected users can now choose if to list their claims on marketplaces where they can get a percentage of their total claims(from 10/15 cents on a dollar).

Why would somebody buy a bankrupt claim? Of course anybody bidding for distressed claims is trying to pay the less possible while working on recovering the most(so claims prices can slightly go up and down).

I made a tab with claims value taken from to keep tracks of them.


Claims ranking:

1.Genesis (0.35$/1$)

2.Voyager (0.345$/1$)

3.Blockfi (0.235$/1$)

4.Celsius network (0.175$/1$)

5.Ftx exchange (0.145$/1$)

What about you guys? Did you already list your claim on any marketplace? Are you planning to do that?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for updates!

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