No need to be an Expert in Cryptocurrency

By Agilaxxx | CryptoService | 5 Aug 2021

Most of people who dont know how cryptocurrency works, they tend to be doubtful starting on crypto because of lacks of information. I am also at first but then after a couple of days learning crypto, I learned that I don't need to be an expert, i just need the right knowledge and info.

there are ways how to learn cryptocurrency,

first and foremost you need to know what cryptocurrency is, and what can you do in it. well most of articles here tells what it is, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used to buy goods or pay bills online.

the next thing you need to know is what are the cryptos that you can use or invest in...

There are plenty of cryptos, the top and famous amongst all is Bitcoin(It started at 2008, and open-source started at 2009, can you believe that it was almost started $22/bitcoin, and recently it reaches $64000/bitcoin, imagine if you started early you might be enjoying your life traveling around the world without thinking about expeneses.)the other cryptos are etherium, BitcoinCash, Litecoin and etc..

check here the full list of cryptos,

Let's move to the next one. How to grow your crypcrypto. You can grow your crypto by trading, crypto is like a stocks that you can trade like any other stocks, you just need to have some info when to buy or sell. but that kind of info is very rare to attain, your very lucky if you have a 100% accurate info. just remember that it wasn't always a win situation, it is somewhat likely a gambling sometimes you win trade sometimes you loose.. every crypto has its own leverage limit, which means if you set your leverage at highest you can multiply your earnings also high chance of loosing too..

ofcourse even if you know how to trade but no idea where to do? here are some platforms i can give to you.

you can also gain some crypto by mining, there are some platforms that offers mining cryptos,

also you can mine using a "mining rig". mining rig is somewhat expensive, it contains a multiple pairs of high quality video cards, you can search how to set up and how expensive building one, :D


lastly is where you should store your cryptos, there are lots of online wallets(e-wallets), now i am using and coinbase

these thing are the only basic things you need to know if you want to start in cryptocurrency, it wastn that hard to learn how to work with crypto, you dont need to have an expertise to earn here in crypto.

but if you really dont have an idea what to do, there are platforms that offers demo account which give you a virtual practice money to start trading, ofcourse you wont earn using this demo accounts but atleast little by little you will gain some insights and experience how to trade or invest in cryptocurrency.


cryptocurrency might have reach its highest peek like bitcoin at $64K, but it is not too late for beginners like us.. not because it reaches its highest price means we cant earn anymore, we can also earn on its droping price.. like what i have said it is like a stocks, you just have to be on the right timing when to buy or sell..

i may not an expert but now i have a little experience though I don't earn big but atleast I am earning, Even a little and I am hoping that someday if I am lucky enough I could earn like those top earners:DD dont be afraid and also dont be discourage by those who dont have the guts... HOPE i do may help you by this basic knowledge i do have:)






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