Stock-Taking of My Crypto Adventures in 2022

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 8 May 2022

Recently, I asked this question on r/cryptocurrency: What is the one crypto thing you have done so far in 2022 that you are proud of? It can range from selling at the bottom to minting your NFT to trying out a new platform.

So this post is me answering my question. Although I haven’t made big bucks from the crypto space (yet), I am rather proud of the endeavours I have undertaken this year so far. I started at ground zero, struggling how to convert my BAT tokens to ETH and deposit it into my Hodlnaut account last June. Not one year has passed, but I’m familiar with the myriad ways to earn crypto out there. I know the current bear market puts a damper on the spirits. All the more important it is to celebrate small successes and rejuvenate my soul.

  • Enhanced my communication skills by chatting with fellow crypto enthusiasts at Hodlnaut’s Discord channel. Been redeeming US$10 USDC every month so far.
  • Received 200 moons from a Publish0x reader, which galvanised me to learn how to convert them to XLM via Celesti.Trade.
  • Not letting my ignorance get to me and been shitposting like a pro on r/cryptocurrency to farm moons.
  • Minted my first NFT for free at Rarible.
  • Got into Top Ten positions with my choices of AVAX and LUNA for the hypothetical portfolio competition organised by r/rewardsforcrypto during March and April respectively. Received USDC as a reward.
  • Received my first BTC withdrawal from FaucetGamers. Deepened my love for Coinbase because it accepts direct deposits of crypto from faucets.
  • Figured out how to park USDT for earning with Kucoin. Also made successful transfers of USDT from Kucoin to FTX via the TRC-20 network!
  • Received my first Kucoin airdrop called Onston.
  • Downloaded the Terra Station Wallet app and linked it to Anchor Protocol. Made my first deposit with Anchor - it’s my inaugural DeFi venture!
  • Downloaded the Natrium app and collected enough Nano to be transferred to where else, Kucoin.
  • Transferred STA that was painstakingly accumulated here on Publish0x to my MetaMask wallet.
  • Finished the 21 Days of Bitcoin email course just by receiving one email per day from Bitcoin Magazine and received 2100 sats for my valiant efforts.
  • Collecting sweatcoins as due recognition for my walking in preparation for the SWEAT that is to be launched this summer.
  • Registered an account with Presearch and am collecting Presearch tokens whenever I need to ask the Internet something.

Phew! This was such a long list, huh? I bet I have neglected to record down some of my other ventures, but no matter. I think the moral of the story is, we need to have an abundance mentality because crypto-earning opportunities are just everywhere. Keep hustling, my comrades! 

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