Publish0x Helped Me To Find My Niche

Publish0x Helped Me To Find My Niche

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 30 Nov 2021

When I became a father, along with the joy and trepidation of being responsible for another human being was my a-ha moment. I thought I had better buckle down and earn as much money as I could so that I could build a solid financial foundation for my son. One thing led to another and I arrived at Publish0x, with my moniker diaperfinancingfund in tow. I thought fellow parents would resonate with this nickname and chuckle silently to themselves; after all, are we not all engrossed in the parent hustle so as to buy (quality) diapers for our young ones? 

I was passionate about writing and was already writing one article every month that aimed to enlighten readers on the finer points of Japanese culture and society. Hence, with my blog aptly named, I wanted to harness my love of writing. Since I was thinking about money half the time, I thought that I would provide value by blogging about how I yearned to impart financial literacy to my boy at various milestones of his life. I believed that I was plugging a gap in the market. Although there were some articles that suggested how parents could introduce financial literacy to their children who were in nursery or kindergarten, there was a dearth of articles that addressed the introduction of numbers and money to babies and toddlers.

I soon met a brick wall. Although I did blog about familiarising my boy with the concept of money by letting him pay for stuff at the cashier, counting numbers, reciting shapes and even reading to him stories about money, I quickly exhausted all that I had wanted to share with the world. My boy could not grow up fast enough for me to impart him financial literacy concepts! Also, there was another part of me that didn't exactly want to discuss money all the time. Before parenthood, I was a dedicated free-spirited dreamer determined to travel around the world and immerse myself in varied cultures. Part of me hung on to my aspiration of being a travel blogger because in my opinion, that sounded way cooler. In fact, in order to inch closer towards my ideal vision, I started a second blog called travelinjapan here. It was meant to provide insights on the must-go landmarks and to-die-for foods in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Unfortunately, I realised that it was difficult for me to detach myself from my work, shift into Japan mode and craft articles that would enlighten my readers about Japan. As a first-time daddy, my time was already stretched to the brim because my scope of household chores exponentially expanded. With more pressure assaulting me from all sides, I got to find something that was already internalised as part of my daily routine so that I could blog about that easily. This led me to start my third blog called CryptoSensei because I worked as an English teacher for my full-time job. Could I not blog about the attempts I introduced my students to this exciting, exhilarating and exasperating world of crypto?

Along the way, I found success as an affiliate marketer. To be brutally honest, I started out being self-centered, thinking about how I could convince people to sign up with a platform with my referral link so that I could benefit. But since several articles of mine gained traction, including the ones that I thought would not generate much ripples, I then realised that my articles did provide some value to people who were also like me. Who were also on the lookout for easy ways to increase their crypto portfolio. Hence, I started to put in more effort into crafting my articles. For instance, I detailed the number of ways someone could earn coins through Cointiply instead of just stating my referral code. 

The surprising number of people who used my referral code also made me think about my expertise. Honestly, my forte was getting things for free or minimal effort. Before I got into crypto, I was earning free movie tickets every two weeks from the giveaway contests organised by movie theatres in Singapore. Not to mention the free meals or vouchers I garnered from other giveaway competitions. I was known as the resourceful one among my peers. And now that my attention was fixated on crypto, I was energised and motivated by my ways to get crypto for free/minimal effort. Why don't I impart such expertise to my growing base of fans and readers?!

Correspondingly, CryptoSensei took on an additional meaning. It also meant my mission of helping fellow crypto enthusiasts live more exciting crypto lives by introducing them to feasible ways of getting crypto while preserving their fiat for real-world purposes. It not only married my personal aspiration and professional life; it also synergised my passion and my expertise. I was on fire!

I'm reading "The Common Path to Uncommon Success" by John Lee Dumas now. He has a very soul-stirring, mind-boggling 17-step framework that everyone can take to achieve financial freedom and fulfillment. On page 134, he suggested that aspiring entrepreneurs ask their audience these four simple questions:

1) How did you find my content?

2) What do you like about the content I'm producing?

3) What don't you like?

4) What's your biggest struggle right now?

Your candid feedback will help CryptoSensei create more thought-provoking content that will address your needs in 2022.

Here's me going on a limb and pressing the 'Publish' button. :)

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