Proud of my Students

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 6 Apr 2022

I felt quite happy about my students today. Having decided to refrain from spoonfeeding for once, I threw them into the wild and got them to form groups and work on writing down the past tense form of as many regular verbs as possible.

I frankly told them that I expected the lesson to turn out to be somewhat of a disaster but I wanted to give them the chance to practise their recall skills.

What happened next surprised me. The girls immediately took out the “Suggested Reads” booklet that had been distributed to them earlier and started to mine for suitable words.

I am really proud of them! To be able to think about how to overcome a challenge and use the resources available at their disposal to get the job done! Isn’t this what school is all about? To provide them with the opportunities to hone their problem-solving skills so that they can conquer the big bad world out there.

Instantly, I saw my students as less of the nonchalant passive knowledge receivers I had assumed them to be and more of the proactive young adults they seemed capable of becoming.

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