Personification of LUNA and UST

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 14 May 2022

I think different people have different ways to grieve. If I portray LUNA and UST as flesh-and-blood individuals, this might give form to the grief some people are feeling and help them in their road to recovery.

LUNA fell off the face of the earth, trying to save his buddy, UST.
His heroic sacrifice will be mourned by some, cherished by many, and remembered by all.

UST watched in horror as his buddy, LUNA vanished into nothingness. LUNA had sacrificed himself for him.
Tears welled in his eyes but UST forced them back into his eye sockets. It was not the time for crying. He muttered a prayer and resolved to fight the good fight.

LUNA took one last glance at his partner in crime, UST, before he evaporated into pieces. “Stay strong,” he tried to yell but the words came out soft and slapped by the gentle breeze. He submitted himself to his fate, proud of all that he had achieved during his brief time on earth.

LUNA was conflicted. TITAN was great company and all, but he missed his old buddy, UST, dearly. A dilemma raged in his mind. Did he want UST to join him over here on the other side? Maybe not, because he did sacrifice his life for UST. But he missed having someone on his wavelength.

He took a deep breath, not knowing what to think, not knowing how to feel.

UST broke down and sobbed uncontrollably upon seeing LUNA’s grave. He was in the greatest struggle of his life himself - and wasn’t sure if he would come out of it alive. But in that instant, only the untimely demise of his best friend mattered.

Big brother BTC gently put his huge arm around UST’s shoulder. He knew that words were futile in times like this. The only thing he could do was to be *present*.

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