Nursed a R/Cryptocurrency Ban + Other Taboos

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 29 Apr 2022


Now, I recognise how r/cryptocurrency is an echo chamber and punishes users who express contrarian views quickly with tons of downvotes. But as a daddy, whatever puts food on the table is a welcomed asset to my repertoire of gigs that allows me to fund diapers for my son, so I won’t say nope to shitposting there.

However, that was not the reason why I was slapped with a 28-day ban. I’m sharing my experience openly so that those of you who might want to venture into this subreddit will have a clearer idea on the do’s and Don’ts. So, anyway, the infraction that earned me the ban was posting my referral link for Cointiply. I had naively assumed that shilling my referral link was okay because I was responding to a post that specifically asked for faucet leads. I could have just provided the OP the link to Cointiply, I guess, but I got greedy. I accepted this ban with as much grace as I could muster and move on from it.

Rule Number One: Never shill your referral links and codes. 

What are other taboos governing this subreddit? Well, I have noticed that for a group that is centred on the currency of moons, it strongly frowns upon any mention of moons. Asking innocently how many moons you will receive or expressing excitement about it is sure to attract lots of downvotes. Don’t ask for pro tips on how to get moons. Hell, even expressing thanks for the moons I was about to receive garnered me downvotes. 


Similarly, never profess to be moon farming. Shitposting, as inelegant as it sounds, is the accepted term to use. 

Last but not least, try to avoid making references to the crypto exchanges you patronize and the tokens you purchase. Such sharing is tolerated in the Daily Discussion thread but if you make your favourite crypto platform the subject of your post, guess what will happen? Downvotes. Guess who have had first-hand experience? Yours truly.

These are all the tips I have for you. Have fun shitposting in the shark-infested waters of r/cryptocurrency. Upvote me at u/cryotosensei and I will do likewise! 💪

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