I used my SN wallet to buy a Bitrefill gift card

By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 13 Apr 2024

I feel like a fool admitting this, but if my experience can help even a Stacker out there save on sats, then I should be courageous in sharing my learning point.   Ever since I decided to acquire the Bitcoin Standard by hook or by crook, I have been transferring sats from SN to Muun so as to buy gift cards from Bitrefill. That is, until a Stacker enlightened me that Muun charges on-chain transaction fees, so it’s prudent not to use this custodial wallet in the first place. I then switched to using the Zebedee wallet.   This went on for 18 transactions because I wrote about them here and there. This would have gone on indefinitely, if it weren’t for DarthCoin who pointed out that I could have just used my SN wallet instead.   This was a Eureka! 💡 moment for me. I knew that I could send a Stacker some sats along with a message, but it just never occurred to me that I could use my SN wallet to pay for stuff. I think it’s because Zebedee doesn’t include Stacker News as a payment option, so that’s why I assumed I must use one of the wallets ‘endorsed’ by ZBD.   So I decided to put my SN wallet to the test. I pasted my invoice from Bitrefill.   5fa273554d2eebb3618e9bd29fa0793c6ca81658afea57f0d1f234343686ed28.jpg

Oh my goodness, it worked!

I activated the gift card I bought successfully on Bitrefill.


It arrived safe and sound on my food takeout app.


This is a game changer for me. Previously, I always pay ZBD a 1% fee for facilitating my purchase of Bitrefill gift cards. If I cut ZBD as the middleman, I just need to pay 1 sat for the transaction. Why didn’t I learn this earlier?!   TL;DR: Buy Bitrefill gift cards directly with your SN wallet.   join me at  






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