Get your SEI token raffle on CoinGecko

By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 22 Aug 2023

Yes, I know it’s such a pain to collect candies on CoinGecko.


But early this year, it allowed us to redeem our candies for an Access Protocol Airdrop. Given that Coinbase Wallet subsequently published a Learn and Earn quest on Access Protocol, I think it can be said that CoinGecko offers things of value.

So when I read that it is now offering a chance to win some SEI tokens via a raffle, I redeemed 300 candies for this lottery ticket.


Seems that the top 5 winners will win 5000 SEI tokens each from the SEI Foundation.


No harm trying my luck, I guess. 🍀. The only thing that is deterring me is that it requires me to download a SEI wallet via Compass or Fin Wallet but I just haven’t been able to find the time to do that yet. 


So actually I’m posting this not just to create awareness, but also to remind myself to install one of these wallets on my browser tomorrow. Here’s hoping that I muster enough time and energy to do it!

Have you submitted your Raffle ticket yet? Good luck! 


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