Combining Comprehension And Cryptocurrencies For My Students Part 2

Combining Comprehension And Cryptocurrencies For My Students Part 2

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 27 Sep 2021

I am so gratified that my previous post on combining comprehension and cryptocurrencies seemed to be well-received by many of you here. Thank you for your support as I strike a balance between getting my students to meet the requirements of state-mandated proficiency standards and teaching them about the real world! Here's another passage I churned out for my students for today's lesson. Please enjoy it!

Mr Heng was having a magnificent weekend. He received $40 USDC as a reward because someone had used his referral link ( to set up a cryptocurrency account. Mr Heng already owned Bitcoin and Ethereum in his portfolio, so he was happy to get this stablecoin for free. Mr Heng was really passionate about cryptocurrencies, so he was inwardly jumping with joy.   However, this was nothing compared to the happiness he experienced during dinner on Sunday. A delightful sight met his eyes. His wife prepared a variety of ingredients and they were going to have a temaki sushi party!   df0cd56d0d957b44b39dc4b6efa5660381e4917d6612874be53131205f5ce482.jpg   Mr Heng did not know how to make a temaki sushi, so his wife made one for him. She first put rice on a piece of seaweed. Then, she placed tuna, avocado, salmon and eggs on top of it. Finally, she wrapped the scrumptious spread nicely and passed it to him.   The temaki sushi was delicious! Mr Heng hoped his wife would have more sushi parties in future. He also hoped that more people would use his referral link so that he could generously buy the ingredients for his wife for subsequent parties.   

Q1) How did Mr Heng react towards his referral link being used? Put a tick in the box beside your chosen answer. [1m]  

- He felt happy. 

 - He felt scared.  

- He felt relieved.


Q2) Write 1, 2 and 3 on the lines to indicate the order in which the events occurred in the story. [1m]

_______ Mr Heng ate the temaki sushi his wife made for him.

_______ Mrs Heng put many ingredients on the dining table.

_______ Mr Heng was in a good mood because someone had used his referral link.


Q3) Which word in paragraph 4 describes how the temaki sushi tasted? [1m]

Q4) What did Mr Heng wish for in the end? [1m]







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