Alliteration in Crypto

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 20 Apr 2022

At the root of it, this is a creative attempt to shill my referral codes and links. May not earn me many tips but I enjoyed utilising my linguistic powers because alliteration is a tool I love to employ in my writing. Here goes.

1) FaucetPay 

FaucetPay empowers you to faucet with flair & finesse. Be fascinated by how it facilitates your crypto micropayments. Join me on this journey.


2) Cointiply

Cointiply creates countless chances to get your crypto. Redeeming 50000 coins for $5 BTC is a piece of cake. Join me on this journey.


3) sMiles

sMiles suits and supports my sassy walking lifestyle. Be it swagger or sashay, it rewards me with sats. Download it now and key in CryptoSensei783


4) FireFaucet

Famished for crypto? Fired up to collect sats & more? FireFaucet fuses many ways and fuels your journey with fuss-free PTC ads, surveys & bonuses. Forge your way forward with my referral link.


5) Carrot

Carrot app showcases a stellar 21 Days of Bitcoin course (2100 sats) and stunning BTC article sharings (5sats per article), thus sweetening your crypto journey.



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