5 Reasons Why You Should Use My Hodlnaut’s Referral Link

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 15 May 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Use My Hodlnaut’s Referral Link

1. All the referral bonuses I make from crypto go straight toward paying down my mortgage (which will indirectly contribute to my diaperfinancingfund), so you can rest assured I won’t splurge the referral bonus.
2. I navigate Hodlnaut’s social media platforms regularly and am thus able to easily find the answers to any enquiries you may have.
3. Because of my dexterity in manoeuvring all these platforms, I keep abreast of Hodlnaut’s developments and inform my readers of any upcoming giveaways, promotions, contests and the like.
4. I have accounts with other crypto exchanges like Kucoin and Gemini. While these are not Hodlnaut’s direct competitors, I will still be able to articulate Hodlnaut’s unique selling propositions that enhance its appeal as compared to other firms.
5. A reader once gave me 200 moons (equivalent to SGD$10), after which I express my thanks profusely in subsequent articles. I might just do the same for you, so the joy you experience from sending me some love will be extended.



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