4 ways to spend your ETH in Singapore

By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 19 May 2024

4 ways to spend your ETH in Singapore

Previously, I wrote about how I topped up my super app wallet with Ethereum. That’s not all. Ethereum adoption is gaining ground in Singapore, and many individuals and merchants have taken the initiative to provide their clients the option to pay for their purchases with Ethereum. Here are some exciting examples:

1. Pay for your doctor consultation and prescription with Ethereum at Zenith Medical Clinic in Punggol.

2. Tuck into decadent cocktails and mouth-watering French-Japanese cuisine at Maison Ikkoku on Kandahar Street. It even has tie-ups with personnel in the crypto industry, so that you can mingle and build connections with fellow crypto enthusiasts during its networking events!

3. Look stylish and sophisticated with the intricate designs offered by Charles and Keith, one of Singapore’s best homegrown fashion brands. Of course, it accepts payment in Ethereum, demonstrating just how forward-thinking it is.

4. Buy gift cards from Bitrefill with Ethereum. The purpose of investing in crypto is to settle those pesky real life expenses. Thank goodness for Bitrefill which provides gift cards so that you can order food takeout and buy groceries, among others.

You can see that ETH adoption isn’t restricted to a particular field in Singapore. From medical services to gourmet and groceries to fashion, the opportunities for you to spend your ETH are there, like a lighthouse guiding stranded ships after a storm. Just be prepared to execute your DCA out strategy when ETH pumps!





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