3 unique features of r/ConeHeads

By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 16 Sep 2023

3 unique features of this sub

Tbh, I initially found Bitcone to be a silly thing, but the more I spent time here, the more it has grown on me. I’m serious. I find myself noticing cones on the way home and wondering to myself if I should snap a photo for this sub. I think this sub distinguishes itself from other subs in 3 novel ways

1) everyone’s out creating

compared to other subs where the Daily thread is a lively hive of activity but the posts attract little attention, r/ConeHeads is the exact opposite. The Daily is a ghost town, perhaps because people are out there editing their cone images, adding to their Bitcone collection, modifying charts etc. Bitconers like to showcase their creations and their efforts are recognised due to the generous tipping culture

2) everyone’s savouring the moment

It’s quite refreshing not having to read copious comments about Wen Kraken? Wen Binance? Im sure you guys want to witness a CEX listing but Bitconers are able to be in the now, enjoying the process of tipping one another and not strategising too much about how to reap profits. I love this chill atmosphere

3) the bottom-up initiatives are motivational

People take a lot of ownership and pride in regard to their involvement in this sub. u/cutsickass is perhaps the most notable Bitconer who pushes for a significant X presence with his daily 30k tips. But there are other Bitconers who are organising their own tip giveaway events or NFT giveaway events. This is a sub of action-oriented people. I like 👍


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