3 Reasons Why You Should Use Hodlnaut

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 25 Mar 2022

I was held hostage by the Covid suitor for the whole of the March holidays. Thankfully, he treated me reasonably well, except that I had to sacrifice all six of my previous $5 Grab (that’s the Singaporean version of DoorDash for my American readers) vouchers that I had previously obtained from undertaking a user survey for the Autumn app. Still, the blow to my wallet was substantial as I had to order food delivery almost every other lunch - and the costs mounted and reached for the stars. So here I am on my way to school, writing this in hopes that someone would feel galvanised to use my referral link for Hodlnaut (https://hodlnaut.com/join/joAItg9DS).

Now that I have set the stage, let’s get to the meat of this musing. So here are three reasons why you should use Hodlnaut as your crypto lending platform.

First of all, Hodlnaut introduces action-inducing promotional campaigns regularly. I’m not talking about the $30 worth of USDC you will receive if you use my referral link and deposit $1k worth of digital assets with Hodlnaut for at least 31 days. This is a constant. I’m referring to stuff like its Valentine’s Day promo, in which users get USD$30, USD$100 and USD$180 for depositing USD$5k, USD$10k and USD$15k respectively into their Hodlnaut account. Given the frenetic activity that subsequently ensued on its Discord channel, this promo - aptly named Stables Deposit Rush - was a runaway success. So you can relish the fact that Hodlnaut will spice up your crypto journey and lend a helping hand toward building your wealth.

Secondly, Hodlnaut is going places, be it locally or internationally. It has received an In-Principle Approval letter for a Major Payment Institution Incense from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. In a minefield mired with scams and rug pulls, such official recognition will surely boost the confidence of world-weary and wary investors. Not only that, it has blasted off, signing up to be an official sponsor for the upcoming Bitcoin 2022 and Paris Blockchain Week Summit. I see this as great news. After all, wouldn’t you want your crypto lending platform to rub shoulders with the who’s who of the crypto space?

The last reason is the least significant of all. Yet, it’s my favourite. Hodlnaut offers me interesting ways to earn extra crypto. Take for instance the monthly portfolio competition organised by subreddit r/rewardsforcrypto. I advocated for AVAX to be the top-grossing coin for March. If my prediction came true or was just good enough for AVAX, I would be rewarded with $10 USDC. Sweet. (Right now, it is ranked second.) Also, worthy of a mention is its Discord channel. Suffice it to say that I have cashed out $40 worth of USDC for chatting with other Hodlnaut users in January and February. Say what?! You get money for just chatting? Yes, Hodlnaut makes this absurdity a reality. I gotta say, this chatting initiative was so well-received that Hodlnaut subsequently limited withdrawals to $10 USDC per user per month. It also made it arduously tough for users to accumulate the 30,000 Hodlnaut points necessary to redeem USDC. But well, this ENFP is interested to know about the way of life of Hodlnaut’s international users, so I’m still chatting away.

As a language teacher, I preach the importance of a well-written, rousing conclusion. But alas, life beckons, so I will end here. Use my referral link! Ta da!

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