15 Questions To Facilitate Crypto Conversations

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 27 Jun 2022

Money is an emotionally charged topic as it casts light on our personal values and beliefs, which may differ from everyone else’s. Also, it’s likely that our parents and even grandparents played a crucial role in shaping our money values, so talking about money will bring about bad memories if our elders always had conflicts regarding money.


If discussing money matters is sensitive enough, zooming in on crypto got to be stepping on a potential minefield since it is a riskier asset class than most others. Some people who invest into other things like bonds and stocks are not gonna look at crypto favourably as it seems that there is something going horribly wrong every other week.


Consequently, it may be in the best interests of crypto firms, including media companies that specialise in crypto news, to come out with card games that are aimed at scaffolding users’ crypto conversations. I mean, launching advertisements during Super Bowl and/or sponsoring key events like the World Cup jazz up the image of crypto but do little to help people think through the attitudes they bring with them towards crypto.


For a start, I thought the crypto card game could comprise these questions. If they resonate with you, let me know so that I can solicit partnerships with some of the crypto media firms out there. Maybe you will see a card game on the Amazon marketplace that is modelled after these questions in the near future!


  1. Is your investing strategy consistent across all asset classes? Or do you tweak it slightly for crypto due to its volatility?
  2. Describe crypto in ten words or less.
  3. When did you get invested into crypto, and do you feel you went in too late?
  4. Do you have any superstitions or rituals that you follow for crypto investing?
  5. What’s your best scenario and worst nightmare when it comes to crypto?
  6. How do you manage your OCD in regards to looking at those crypto charts?
  7. What’s the first and last crypto thing you do every day?
  8. What’s a lesser-known security tip you use to safeguard your crypto that you think others don’t know but should know?
  9. How many people in real life know about your crypto portfolio?
  10. Do you think many people in your profession are investing in crypto?
  11. Do you share your crypto portfolio with your colleagues? Would you want to?
  12. If you don’t discuss crypto with people in real life, how do you make those tricky final decisions?
  13. Game to share your most humiliating episode in crypto so far?
  14. How do you regulate your emotions in regards to crypto?
  15. Write your 6-word story about crypto.

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