ETH Extra Temporary HIGH

By Adasko159 | CryptoSectionABC | 20 May 2023

Have you ever heard about $ETH? Do you know what it is? How it works? For what it was created? Why the price keep rising since years and looks like not going to stop? Why crypromarket becomes the biggest worldwide soon? This and more you will find below 👇🏼 BUT FIRST go and read about “BTC - Being Turbo Care” before you start exploring next crypto stories👌🏽


So, ETH was created in order to allow people faster and easier payments for their goods cancelling the limitation and fees depending on the amount of payment as banks do. After all it found out many many supporters that believed in that project. In order to that situation price kept rising, 


Many people think that the sky will never stop some BIGGEST crypto projects NEVER and will keep them rising in time forever.


If you want to know more about each CRYPTO keep reading my articles 

Will be continued 🙃

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