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Crypto and Security; Duo For Life

By Doom_Seeker | CryptoSecPwn | 11 May 2021

For those that do not believe cyber security and crypto can be enthralled, think again. To start off this blog I wanted to provide some key examples of just how deep rooted these two are intertwined with each other.

Hello, have you ever heard of ransomware

One of the most commonly known cyber threats to date are ransomware attacks. Ransomware is what is shown on the news and rightfully so. A majority of ransomware attack prefer to use Bitcoin as the means of transmitting current payment for the potential release of the end users encrypted data. One of the main reasons is how hard it is (if not impossible) to trace down. This added anonymity provides attacks with an incentive for pursuing even the smallest of targets. Knowing that once payment is made, they can disappear and be done with that company.

Authentication and Encryption 

One of the most basic best practices within the cyber security industry evolves crypto. Not necessarily coins, but the OG of crypto, cryptography that is used in encryption algorithms. In order for standard authentication to take place, crypto must happen to help scramble the act and transaction of authentication. Being able to obfuscate sensitive information involved with authentication is the whole bases in which It operates and works. On the other hand, encryption at its bare essentials is crypto related and if  anything is the pioneer. 

Secure Tokens

Whether it be physical token like a yubikey or a digital token used for SSO authentication on an internally trusted network. Crypto and security continue to remain hand in hand with each other’s destinies. Secure tokens are continuing to become more advanced by including method for facial recognition and even retinal scanning.

This Duo is around for the long haul.

Crypto has always been around us before crypto coins were in the picture. The key difference now is the ability we have discovered to monetize the efforts used behind generating crypto. Moving forward into the future, these efforts are only going to further solidify themselves and continue to push cyber security efforts/controls into a more advanced state.

CryptoSec Intro

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