Three Different Bitcoin Back Shopping Options
Three Different Bitcoin Back Shopping Options

By CryptoScrimper | CryptoScrimper | 16 Apr 2019

So far I've signed up for three different Bitcoin back shopping rewards services that work similarly to some of the popular cashback extensions such as Ebates, but which give you bitcoin back instead. I've shopped with two of the three so far, and they've been positive experiences. Below is a small review of each, though I've not yet used the third one. Between using all three, nearly all of your online shopping should qualify for some bitcoin back. 


Lolli and iConsumer

Both Lolli and iConsumer have a pretty robust list of participating retailers. Lolli's partners include CVS, Walmart, Gap, Jet, Groupon, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble and a lot more. And iConsumer has a similarly impressive list. There are a couple of key differences though. With Lolli, it's straight up bitcoin back. With iConsumer, you get a choice of either cash or bitcoin back, plus you earn shares in the young growing company at the same time. They even give you a hundred shares just for signing up. 


Both the Lolli and iConsumer extensions work with the Brave browser as Brave is actually built on top of Chrome, so you can use any Chrome extensions from the Chrome extension store on Brave as well. Brave also lets you import your bookmarks from Chrome (and I'm guessing Firefox as well) easily to make transitioning as easy as possible.

Sign up with iConsumer here and you'll get 100 shares of stock. And you'll get bitcoin or cash, plus more shares of the growing company when you shop

Install the Lolli extension here and you'll get an extra $5 of Bitcoin the first time you shop with Lolli


BitcoinRewards is similar but appears to include retailers from a wider array of countries than Lolli and iConsumer. They have an impressive number of worldwide retailers indeed, including Ali Express and Banggood. Think of any popular online retailer and they are likely included. 

Unlike Lolli and iConsumer however, BitcoinRewards doesn't use an extension, but rather you go to the site itself and search for the store or the products you are looking for. Then shop through their link to earn rewards back. 

They also offer cashback in the form of BCH (Bitcoin Cash) and others, though i've not yet been able to identify via their website, which others. From their website: "Get a cashback paid to you in Digital Currency for transacting with the best online shopping destinations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States and globally. Earn Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and more from BitcoinRewards today! Sign up here

I fully expect that now that I've signed up with all three, at least 80% of my online purchases should qualify for bitcoin back. Plus I've already earned over 800 shares in iConsumer since I signed up with them over a year ago (it helps that they give you a few shares for taking brief satisfaction surveys from time to time). These are just more great ways to Scrimp yourself some quality Crypto ahead of the next wave up the new tech adoption curve! 

Hope you enjoyed this intro to these services. I'm always seeking out the best ways to Scrimp yourself some quality crypto and posting them at 

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