What is the best time to post on Publish0x? Here is the answer

By Lucasgaio | Cryptoscience | 8 May 2021

I conducted a test during this week and today I will publish the results. This is the article that I wrote a few days ago, here on Publish0x. The test wanted to verify at what time of day it was convenient to publish an article to receive the greatest number of views and therefore more tips from those who read. I posted three articles at three different times:

The three posts have the same image and report the same things written, with the same hashtag (#bitcoin(BTC) #ethereum(ETH) #DeFi #cryptocurrency and #blockchain).


I state that the views made were recorded about 24 after the publication of each article. Also, since each of these didn't have a specific content or even a compelling title, the individual tests didn't get as many views as when publishing content that attracts readers. Despite this, the portion of users who use Publish0x only to receive a small income without caring about the contents was attracted.

1st test

2nd test

3rd test

As can be seen from the screenshots, it is easy to deduce that Test # 3 received a greater number of views. This is the publication of 19:00 Italian time (UTC + 1). I wouldn't give much thought to the amount of dollar tipping as it could be due to particularly generous or inattentive users, or market fluctuations.

Therefore, it can be said that the evening time is the most suitable for receiving a large number of views.

This can be for multiple reasons, starting with the fact that people have more free time in the evening and come home from work. During the day, however, many are away from home or busy with various kinds of chores.


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