An Italian Crypto Podcast

By Lucasgaio | Cryptoscience | 29 Aug 2020

Everything in the world of cryptocurrencies is important and knowledge must be disseminated at any cost. Unfortunately, this is a world that is still little known and disinformation is depopulated, especially when the topic of cryptocurrencies is treated by people who are not in the sector.
In Italy, two courageous and enterprising guys have already started producing an innovative Podcast for some years: the Bitcoin Italia Podcast (BIP).




The BIP was born in 2019, thanks to Guybrush and Rikki6xx, the two co-founders of this fantastic podcast that talks in particular about Bitcoin, dealing with all its aspects. In each episode of about an hour, the two debate on very important issues and often spend a few words to explain some technical aspects even to those who are not in the sector and approach cryptocurrencies. It is interesting to note that usually the discussion starts in a pleasant way, and then goes into specific details, but always described in a simple and exhaustive way, understandable even to those who are not a programmer.


Personal experience

As far as I'm concerned, this was the first podcast on the subject I've heard. I discovered it by chance, on Spotify. It was they who gave me the tools I needed to introduce myself into cryptocurrencies. Even today I listen to what they have to say and I never stop learning.


Support and sitology

You will find everything I have told you and much more information on their website: 

Twitter: @bip_show

Facebook: bitcoin italia podcast




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