Introduction on the MARTE Dome - Artists patronage.

By Crypto Savv | CryptoSavv | 22 Feb 2022

TheMarteProject is really pleased to announce the launch of the MARTE dome,an NFT vault that will support artists who list their artworks for $MARTE,a token that will be used to promote artists on major art exhibitions.

How the DOME works
As seen on other tokens,there are NFT vaults that are collecting artworks from creators in order to back-up the price of the token. MARTE Dome (vault) isn't just a regular NFT vault. Our vault will be used not only to back-up the price of the token, but also to support artists that are willing to list their artworks/NFTs for $MARTE. Regularly, there will be Snapshot proposals to choose NFTs to be acquired for the dome, giving holders of the token the chance to vote and pick their favourite artwork to be added to our vault.

For artists: There will be two options,a conversion to ETH or any other token they want or the most important which is getting $MARTE in order to get supported even more as stated above.
We want to speficy that,our DOME will not only buy NFTs that are listed for $MARTE but most of the time those will be choosen.
We are calling crypto-artists to join our mission and connect crypto-art with the traditional art world. All artists who accept $MARTE as a payment for their work on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea will be also added on our website so collectors can find them easily.

How can an artist participate in exhibitions using $MARTE?
We are developing a staking feature for our token that will give artists the chance to display their work at physical exhibitions just by locking tokens for a specific time frame.
More details to be announced on a new post.

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