Binance Automated Spot Market Trading

By SPYDER | DaSagaContinues | 1 Apr 2022

Hi Crypto Community,

Its been a while since my last post. I have been busy building trading strategies and algorithms and have successfully built 3 bots.

1. Scalper Bot

This is a High Frequency Trading Algorithm that trades all coins in your selected Base Market based on Volume, Volatility and Momentum. It Auto-buys BNB to cover fees and has DCA implemented as well. It is capable of trading above  2x your Capital in a Month with an average profit per trade of over 1%. This may result in profits between 3% - 10% per month comfortably while keeping your liquidity high.  

2. TradingView Bot

This is a Low Frequency Trend following algorithm built for long-term investors with a possibility of large gains over a period of 1 - 2 years. The bot is built to trade all trade pairs in the BUSD Market.

3. AI Bot

This is a Machine Learning Algorithm that predicts the direction of the next candle of the selected trade pair based on analysis of previous candles. This bot is able to scan all available trade pairs on the selected base market and compile/analyse the following:
- Cumulative Returns
- Sharpe Ratio
- Value at Risk (VaR)
- Max Drawdown
- Volatility
- AI Accuracy Score Employing Machine Learning

Based on the above data, this bot is able to predict the direction of the next candle and provide Buy or Sell Signals and over time can also predict the most profitable coins.

AI Bot is in testing phase and we expect to have it market ready over the next couple months.

Meanwhile, if any of you may be keen to use our services, please contact us on our Telegram @CoinTrade_ai




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