Some of my Posts Rank in Top 100 in Google Search!

Some of my Posts Rank in Top 100 in Google Search!

By rex_regulus_rey | Cryptos 101 | 8 Apr 2019

   With barely a week in PublishOx and a few articles posted, I was hesitant to even look at Google search for my posts. No way I'll be able to even see one of my posts ranking in at the first 100 pages at least, given the steep competition for search engine optimizations. So, to cushion myself from utter disappointment, I decided to check all the tags I used for my 5 posts just to make my chances higher of being included in the rankings. Here is the list of tags that I checked;

tron            hydro               btt                    dent app
trx              binance info      tronbet             dent exchange
blockchain   v label              ante                 dent world telco
crypto         hydro project    gambling dapp   dent afterburner
ethereum    bittorrent          dent

Online Tool Called Keyword Position Checker
   For this exercise, I found a simple online tool to use. It is called Keyword Position Checker by Small SEO Tools. This is the explanation found in the website itself.


   First I validated the accuracy of the results given by the website. I tried using "publish0x" tag and ran the checker. It gave these top 10 ranks which if you search the same tag "publish0x" from google will result with the same top 10 ranks. You can check keywords for desktop and mobile separately.

What a Surprise! - Five Tags/Keywords I used are Included in Top 100
   I was surprised to see the results of this exercise. Five keywords I used in three of my posts were included in the top 100 in google search. Here are the five posts that I have as of today. Those in colored boxes are the posts where I used the tags/keywords.



Rankings I got for desktop.



Rankings I got for mobile.


   The highest rank reached is Rank 26 for desktop & Rank 21 for mobile.  As for those keywords that were not included. I think it is because those keywords were used too often and were too popular already. It will be harder to rank using those keywords.


   I just started publishing posts in Publish0x a week ago. Although I have to admit that my primary goal is to see for myself if it is really feasible to earn some change by writing. But still I made sure that I write things that are close to my heart. I write things that I can relate with. I always tell myself to avoid writing just for the sake of having something to publish. That's the only mantra I stick to. And it paid off. A week with only 5 posts in Publish0x and I'm in Google rankings!  This is all because of the click impressions I got from our Publish0x army.  Although it might be too early to find out the reasons I got those clicks, still I am very thankful.  I am hoping Publish0x will start incorporating detailed analytics for the users to use.

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