LivenPay, already working with many restaurants
LivenPay, already working with many restaurants

By ridertiger | CryptoRider | 2 May 2019

This platform seems like it is one of many platforms that are used for payment. However, once I looked at their website and investigated other material online, I realized that LivenPay is a serious business that has an enormous impact on Australian restaurant community already. It is a rare find that I see a company that is already making Fiat money and already working with the profit.

Many times when I go to lunch or dinner with my friends and my wife, we have to collect money on the table to pay for the bill. It is either that or somebody has to pay the bill, and you have to take turns. The trouble with that approach is that people tend to eat different things and some may have to spend more money on another person's dreams or expensive meal. With this platform, you can't directly send money to your friend right on the table and split the bill anyway you want.

When I looked at the web page, I also enjoyed that they have famous chefs talking good about them. There are a lot of scam projects out there in the crypto world, but this clearly shows that this is a thriving business.  A growing business means that investors will be able to see their money returned to them quickly. If I can spend my tokens in a restaurant then the demand for the said tokens, in this case, LVN tokens, will gain and increase their price in the foreseeable future.

Here is the testimonial of Frank Camorra, a famous chef on LivenPay:

One great indicator that gives me confidence is that they already reached their soft cap of $10,000,000, or it is what they claim on their website. This is probably due to the private sale of the tokens and perhaps with some swaps. However, they are now waiting for their hardcap of

$28,000,000, which is a vast number. When you consider the number of businesses they are in collaboration with, which is claimed to be a 1000 businesses, it is not that large of a number. Also considering the country where they originate from, Australia, I am pretty sure the LivenPay platform will be able to bring that money on board, along with the famous chefs they already have on board.

They have a lot of live activity on their youtube channel, so I strongly recommend you check it out at

Long Live LivenPay!



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