TRUE Stablecoins are pegged to the global economy.

By EbriDan | CryptoRelated | 10 Sep 2019

Everyone in the crypto community is familiar with the term "stablecoins", they are really important because of their fixed value, stablecoins are usually pegged to an asset of value, mostly to the U.S Dollars. There is a flaw with this idea, although it's good for short-term holdings, stablecoins follows the path of the U.S Dollars as it losses it's purchasing power yearly. 

The crypto community has seen the introduction of a new kind of Stablecoin, unlike the regular ones USDT, USDQ, USDK, StableUSD, HonetCoin, etc which are pegged to USD, this new Stablecoins is pegged to the value of the economy of the world.
All fiat currencies loss their value slowly over long period of time but there is a continuous upward growth in the global economy. The USD Stablecoins does a good job guiding your crypto assets and currencies against crypto volatility, but it cannot protect your assets against inflation and recession.

The AnchorToken is the first stablecoin pegged to the global economy of the world.
Anchor is providing to traders, individuals, investors, organizations, businesses and companies a long-term guarantee of price stability against all forms of volatility. Considering the hit the economy has taken as a result of the U.S/China trade war, more consumers would love a currency that can stand against the effect of the trade wars on their assets.

Anchor uses a dual-token strategy (the use of two separate tokens to achieve a stable value) and uses the MMU (Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) algorithm, which runs it's statistics using GDP of about 200 countries and eight of the world’s top most strongest economic system and their currencies.

As stated In Anchor's white paper, references were made to the fall in purchasing power of the U.S dollar, Euro and Sterling in the last 25 years of about 55%, 44% and 51% respectively. This is a continuous trend and is likely to reoccur affecting all stablecoins except ones pegged to the global economy. 

What Are your thoughts concerning pegging a stablecoin to the global economy? 

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