🐾DogData🐾 - Dog welfare reward ecosystem solutions.

🐾DogData🐾 - Dog welfare reward ecosystem solutions.

By EbriDan | CryptoRelated | 15 Apr 2020


DogData is a platform that uses blockchain (pedigree chain), cryptocurrency and data analysis from dogs to improve Dogs welfare, Knowledge and increase Preferential Genetic breeding that favors pet Dog owners, Dog breeders and every participant of the MyDogData.com community platform. 

The #DogData technology makes use of tokens that has been gamified to improve the Dog Welfare while offering and interesting and fun way for Dog owners to save money. 

These advanced technology are, an AI machine learning, an Erc721 DogID Token , a private blockchain Data vault, a suggestive breed sensitive Dog product funnel for choosing best breeders, erc20 discount tokens and an erc20 cryptocurrency.


               DogData Solutions 

The Dog owner, pet owner, market, breeders and general dog community is not organized, there is no complete dog database due to high cost of registration, this has affected dog breeding and care negatively, DogData is fixing this issues by creating integrated technology:



The PedigreeChain is the 1st international Dog registration on blockchain, it also acts as the 1st multidimensional Dog pedigree database, that issues the 1st ever date stamped immutable Dog immunisation vaccination blockchain ledger. 

The pedigree chain would be the 1st Dog life data vault that uses blockchain technology and a prediction engine data and AI.


Dog Sale Smart Contract 

Viewable on the blockchain is the 1st ever smart sale contract for Dogs, showing who owns what dog and all information available about the dog, a sale contract with paid care and welfare milestones. 


Dog Experts 

The sharing of Dog Knowledge that as been tokenized via p2p markets, advice from experts on Dog health care, welfare that would improve dog life and be beneficial to the DogData community. Creating the 1st ever Dog knowledge exchange. 


DNA Hunter Dog Breeding algorithm 

Experts around the world using the power of large dog database to make better and accurate predictions to reduce Dog genetic health defects, for successful breeding. 


4Dogs Marketplace

The 1st gamified system built for Dog owners to learn from the top breeders and also act as a market place for dogs.


DogData Mobile App

The 1st ever general Dog event and DogShows, on mobile apps and social media using locations technology and #tags. 

All the above listed solutions are powered by Etherbone. 



The Etherbone is the tool that powers the DogData rewards economy and they consist of;

*(ETHBN) EtherBone Coins 

*(ETHBNT) EtherBone Tokens

*(ERCDOG) Erc721 Dog token


The Erc721 Dog token is the tokenisation of a dog's data, it is a #Collectible that contains all information about a dog, like an ID card and a passport, unique for each particular dog, and would be transferred and held by the current dog owner. 

The EtherBone Coin is an erc20 token that offers liquidity on exchanges and would be acceptable for p2p sale of Dog contracts. 

The EtherBone Token is also an erc20 token that would allow owners get discounts on dog specific food, products, p2p services and also get rewards. 



🌐Official Website: 


 💠DogData IEO:


📩Email: info@DogData.ch

🔊Telegram Announcements:



📃DogData WhitePaper:



📃 DogData LitePaper: 

👉 https://mydogdata.com/pdf/LitepaperDogdata.pdf


🐾DogData Pitch Deck:



🗞DogaData Token Economics:

👉 https://mydogdata.com/pdf/TokenEconomics.pdf


🌍 DogData PedigreeChain blockchain Explorer ⛓🐾 Document:






💰 Etherscan:

👉 https://etherscan.io/token/0xe63e556ab83eb6f313A3F8f1996d41b9192E5CAb


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👉 https://apps.apple.com/in/app/dogdate/id1495467094

Play store:

👉 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=moola.dogdata.com.dogdata&gl=GB




Author: EbriDan 

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