LBRY - Best alternative to YouTube - Earn more

By cryptorekt | cryptorekt | 16 Jul 2020

Hello Pub0x readers,

I've been using this platform for about 3 years now, and it honestly has not disappointed me. I've watched it grow into something that is extremely useful and I believe has the potential to take serious market share from YouTube one day.

Main reasons why I believe this:

-It's decentralized & censorship resistant- no one can delete or corrupt your content. Of late, a lot of crypto-based content has been removed from YouTube for example. The way the world is going there will be a serious need for this in my opinion - political views, cover ups...list goes on and on.

-This platform financially benefits the token hodlers of LBC, the content providers & the users. It's important to note the token is extremely useful and valuable as you can promote your content by staking it. No spending required. The more LBC you have, the more your content is seen.

Seriously please check it out, you won't regret it.

I have a bunch of videos on my channel. My aim is to provide tips to earn sats and help people through their crypto journey.


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