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7,000,000 USERS

By Cryptopsycho21 | Cryptopsycho21 | 12 Aug 2020


What makes Pi so popular?  I was surprised when a client of mine, a teenager, brought up Pi in our counseling session.  He was talking about crypto instead of the average "teen" issues.  Since it was a session, I moved him away from Pi and returned to the issues that we were addressing.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Pi Platform, please check out my article introducing this unique and special opportunity.  Those familiar with the currently "free" coin, if you've been using the Pi app to gain Pi, congratulations.  7,000,000 users is a big goal.

A little over a  year ago there were just 3,000,000 users.  In a little over a year, it has more than doubled.  If it increases at this rate, it won't be long before their 10 million user halving.  They have also recently struck advertisement deals, as anyone with the app will know.  Unlike other apps that use ads, you are not required to view them. 

I think that Pi has experienced a big leap in crossing the usual cryptolover to the younger gamers.  Crypto has been making significant progress in games.  If Pi has become popular with the gamers and average teens,  it could explode at any time.

Maybe the younger generation sees it differently than the usual investor. I've seen it as a unique opportunity to get in at the very beginning of something new.  May their social media identity is more encompassing, allowing ideas to catch on faster.  Remember the teen I mentioned above?  He had a team of 34, while I have a team of 4.  So he is generating Pi at an incredible rate.

If you haven't started Pi, what are you waiting for?  It is currently valueless, but it doesn't require anything more than pressing a button one a day.  It doesn't use your CPU or battery life.  If you decide to join, you will need a referrer.  This is one of the ways that they ensure that the people participating are interested in the program.  You can feel free to start on my team and then do as you wish.  After you download the app, you will need to manually enter the code below.  The link will take you to their website where you can educate yourself more and click on the appropriate store to download the app.

My refferer: cryptopsycho21 


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