Utopia p2p Ecosystem Beta Testing - Best Ever Platform For Earning Big Rewards

By Crypto PM | CryptoPM | 29 Aug 2019

hey guys, this is crypto pm again, and today i'll explain you why utopia p2p beta testing is an awesome chance for everyone to earn huge rewards by promoting them on social media, bug reporting & giving them new ideas which can bring new advancement on the ecosystem.

if are not familiar with utopia p2p ecosystem then first of all you should read this article.

Utopia, a breakthrough decentralized P2P ecosystem.

now let's come to the topic & if you haven't registered on utopia yet. please join with my link - Click Here To Register


Utopia says, We truly believe that your participation has to be exciting and mutually beneficial. Utopia Beta Program rewards your enthusiasm, commitment and dedication. No matter what is your skill set you will find an opportunity to contribute to Utopia P2P Project development. This is your chance to participate in the technology you admire while realizing financial gains.

Literally, every action that you do will be rewarded. We are so confident in your expertise that we pay rewards from our own funds.

Rewards are paid depending on the model that you have chosen and your effort. The more time you choose to dedicate to Utopia, the more you earn. Please do not forget about quality. Reward is a subject to high quality work.

This is simple: You make an effort, we review the report and reward you.



There are three ways to earn at the Utopia Beta portal: 

1. Beta Tester

Test Utopia in real life conditions by using all of its functionality and reporting all bugs to us. The reward will depend on the amount and quality of your reports. 


Help us make the Utopia ecosystem perfect by testing and reporting Bugs. The harder you look, the more bugs you will find, and the higher the reward will be for your efforts. Below you may view Bug Reports that you have submitted and check the status of the report. 

If you are providing us with a screenshot, please make a FULL screenshot, not just a portion of the screen. 

2. Idea Generator

Think of ways to make Utopia better. This includes introducing new functionality or improving existing ones, creative ways to advertise and promote, and other ideas aimed at improving world awareness of Utopia. Your reward will depend on how good your ideas are. 


Your ideas and suggestions of how to promote, advertise or generally make Utopia better are welcome. Below you may view Idea Reports that had been submitted and check the status of the report. You may submit just about any reasonable idea here. 

3. Promoter

The aim is to spread the word about Utopia. The more people who are made aware of Utopia, the better. Rewards will depend on your creativity, effort, scope and the results.


Here you can report what you have already done to promote Utopia. Spread the word about Utopia and be rewarded. Be creative and original. Use social networks, create videos, promote it in real life or approach this in an unconventional way. There is no limit to your creative attempts as long as it is beneficial for Utopia. Rewards will depend on your creativity, effort and results as reported to us. Your promotions should in your native language and aimed at residents of your country. 

you can earn big rewards with these 3 ways on utopia, also they will give big rewards for top 20 miners.

as you can check in screenshot, lots of beta tester are earning good points. 1pts= 1USD.


that's all my friends, see you soon with new one about utopia p2p.

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