🧮 You can learn math with AMPL and FARM 💳

🧮 You can learn math with AMPL and FARM 💳

By mabc95 | Cryptoplus | 17 Sep 2021

I was surfing Publish0x in a hide and seek game for inspiration, and giving my five daily tips, when I thought that Publish0x rewards are a good approach to teach 2x2 system of linear equations. Please, do not judge me; I am a math lover with an excess amount of energy drinks on my body, which is a mind-blowing combination.

So, getting inside the details of this nerdy idea that I had: The rewards consist in two coins, AMPL, FARM, each one has its price, and each article has the total sum of both. Assuming that the only thing that you could have, before an Internet breakdown, were the screenshots of two articles, you would be able to know what is the price for each token.

First, let us say that you have these two article’s screenshots (which I found interesting, you should read them after me)




Now, the way we set up the equations would be like this: Let A be the unknown for the price of AMPL, and F the unknown for the price of FARM, and since we know how much of each one were given, and we have the total amount, in USD, we can write the 2x2 system.


For sake of simplicity (and aesthetics), we are going to multiply the whole system by 1000 and round up the coefficients up to 2 decimals, which would give us a good estimate.




Now, we could approach with the three classic methods for solving this, but I am going to focus just in one of them, which is called “igualación” in Spanish, and the closest thing that I can think of, is to call it “setting equal”, or “equaling”. What we do is to solve for the same unknown on each equation, in this case I choose to solve for A (but you could do it with F). Therefore, this would be step-by-step procedure:





Since we have two ways to express what A is, now it can be reduced to ONE EQUATION



Now we can write F in any equation where A is solved:


Hurrrraaayy! We found that the price of FARM (by the moment of the screenshots) was 194.95 dollars and the price of AMPL was 96 cents. I took the screenshot of that time price, and these were the actual values:




So, as you can se, we were off by roughly a 1% error, which can be explained since the total balance in USD is given with just 2 decimal places. But hey! Now you have a way to solve for the price of 2 assets with 2 differents set of data (or N assets with N different sets of data). You can also apply simple linear algebra to this and obtain the same result.

Hope this have been interesting for you. I encourage people to find new ways to learn and teach topics that are supposed to be settled down in our minds. See you around my dear reader 😉


Hey! Btw, I also like to write poems to teach simple things about crypto, if you want to, you can check them right below 😊



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