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🤯 ARCHE NETWORK | Could be this the new big deal on Crypto and e-Commerce? 👀

By mabc95 | Cryptoplus | 6 Nov 2021

Arche was coined (pun intended) and used by Anaximander and described by Aristotle as the origin of everything, but also, as the ultimate principle, the generating process of all things. It was the core question regarding the nature of existence itself…

Aristotle | Pretentiously Boring

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Yeah I know, too much philosophy on a few lines, but it is interesting that Arche is the base name for this new project called ARCHE NETWORK.



Credits: Arche


Claimed by themselves as the “metaverse de-commerce era”, this project aims to merge trends like NFT, decentralization and Play-to-earn ecosystems with very well known activities in the crypto world as staking, farming, voting, lending, and the e-commerce niche, by creating a chimeric and synergic marketplace. They also have a feature that reminds dating apps like Tinder with their so-called “matchmaking”.

Their architecture is based on DPaaS, or Decentralized Protocol as a Service, which means they have a modular structure that enhances the dynamics of the involved parts of the ecosystem, as well as their security.

Arche Network has its mainnets already in Polygon, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, which gives it a huge advantage over projects that are single-mainnet. The project’s tokenomics is composed by two assets: ARCHE and vARCHE


The main one: ARCHE

With a total supply of 100,000,000 units, this token has an interesting “dynamic inflation mechanism” which means, in their own words (quote):


"Once the total issued tokens reach 100 million, Arche protocol will enter the Dynamic Inflation Supply phase. This means that Arche protocol will calculate the previous cycle's inflation supply and Treasury's token distribution.

When the previous cycle's inflation is greater than the Treasury's buyback, Arche protocol will reduce the current cycle's inflation rate.

When the inflation in the previous cycle is less than the amount of the Treasury's buyback, Arche protocol will increase the inflation rate for the current cycle.

The dynamic inflation rate exists to help return control of the protocol to ArcheDAO, which will determine the future of Arche protocol"


The governance one: vARCHE


This one will be obtained at an initial ratio of 1:1 just by staking ARCHE and it allows holders to propose and participate in voting that aims for the improvement of the platform. The hierarchy is like this:

Do you have more than 1,000 vARCHE? You can propose

Do you have any amount of vARCHE? You can vote

Along all these features, vARCHE is like a share of the Protocol, so you could get extra earnings by Arche rewards or by Protocol Incoes.




Remember that I said they are in the NFT niche? Well, you will be happy to know that they are giving away 3,513 Mystery Boxes with a Tracy MacGrady (yes, that one that scored 13 points in 35 seconds against my beloved San Antonio Spurs 😔) NFT collector. You can participate by just registering yourself at CoinMarketCap and follow the steps of the airdrop, so make sure you have plenty of social networks 😉. Hurry up! starts in a few hours (15 hours from the moment I'm publishing this)




I hope you are encouraged to take part in this interesting project 👀 and thank you, as always, for reading me. See you!


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