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Today was the end of the ATP Rome’s Master 1000, leaving Novak Djokovic as the champion. Let’s recap some interesting numbers and stats from this week:

Even though the first 8 seeded players are the ones that received a bye on the first round, we had 9 byes this time, since Carreño Busta reached the semifinals just a couple of days before the beginning of the tournament, and regardless he was not a seed participant, he received that honor, leaving us with a 54 games tournament instead of a 55 games one.


A total of 1222 games were played

The average games per match were 22.63 and the median was 21.5

The interval mode was 20 to 22 games per match (13 out of 54, or roughly one in four)



55.65% of the time the favorite player won (based on the ranking)

70.37% of the matches were solved in 2 straight sets

50% of the 3 set matches (8 out of 16) were comebacks (the winner lost the first set)



3 bagels (a.k.a 6-0) and 24 tiebreaks (a.k.a 7-6). Musetti was present on two of them (6-0 to Wawrinka and 0-6 against Koepfer). One match included both of them, the Musetti-Wawrinka one. 6 of the 8 comebacks included a tiebreak (75%). Half of the tiebreaks and comebacks were performed on the 1rst round.


The ‘easiest’ match was the Dimitrov-Nishioka 6-1 / 6-0 played on the 2nd round (13 games played)

The ‘toughest’ match was the Schwartzman-Shapovalov 6-4 / 5-7 / 7-6 played on the semifinals (35 games played)


Unexpected matches

Musetti (Ranking  #249) - Wawrinka 6-0 / 7-6 (1rst round)

Musetti - Nishikori 6-3 / 6-4 (2nd round)

Schwartzman - Nadal 6-2 / 7-5 (quarter finals)


Best “advancers”

Musetti - 3rd round (he came from the qualifiers)

Koepfer - Quarter finals

Ruud - Semifinals

Schwartzman - Finals


Djokovic reached his 5th Rome title and 36th M1000 title in his career.





The graphs were made by me, using Excel.

If you want to use this kind of stats for your betting strategies on places like STAKE.COM, feel free to do it but always be careful and avoid the gambling addiction.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links.

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