🦝🦝 Happy Birthday BETFURY! And the GIFT is FOR US 🤑🎁

By mabc95 | CryptoPlays | 6 Nov 2020



Don’t miss this chance from until november 10th, they will be giving you 75 satoshis for free every 20 minutes, if that’s not easy money, then I don’t know what it is, but not only that, they also have a… wait… but what is BETFURY?


Oh sorry about that, I haven’t told you yet. BETFURY is an online cryptocasino, but a really special one of its kind, it has these features:



Just by clicking a captcha every 20 minutes they will normally give you 25 sats, with NO LIMITS, that’s right, other casinos give you money but only if your balance is ZERO, in BETFURY you can claim no matter what. Now, since they are celebrating their birthday, they will be giving you this week 3x that, 75 sats every 20 minutes.





Just by buying a box (depending on your status) they will give you a monthly profit, right now their party box is offering 20% monthly if you invest 38,000 satoshis (about 5.50 dollars at this time), and they are renewing the boxes every once in a while. I already invest on the Aqua Boxes for a week to try and they keep their word for the ROI :D


The interest earned is going to depend on the term you fixed your investment, the long you wait, the more you earn.


Currently I have the monthly period for the PARTY BOX, hurry and take yours!!!



The best feature on this page, for every sat you bet (or TRX, USDT, SUN or BTT, but I recommend the BTC) you will be “mining” their BFG token, which yields some really good dividends. The “cost” of each BFG token is currently 7700 sats on the in-house games (I don’t recommend the slots)


The key on this page to take profit is not so much by using progressive bet strategies (which of course you are free to apply) but rather to optimize the betting automation, which I would be posting some simulations and math about that on the coming posts. For example, knowing that the house edge is 2% it means that for every 100 sats that you bet on it, you would be losing 2 on the long term, so if you are willing to invest in dividends, for every 7700 sats that you bet (with no bet strategy, just running the auto mode) you would lose (or invest) on average 154 sats. 



Right now 1 BFG token yields you roughly 22.5 sats per month (that comes from the division of 3536/156.74 that you can see on the picture of my dividends), which means that you would recover that in almost 7 months (plus all the other coins). So if you are willing to invest 15,400 sats (about 2.20 dollars) per day, that would give you 100 BFG each day, so after one month you would have “spent” 462,000 sats to make a total of 3000 BFG on staking which will yield (at that point) 67,500 sats per month (almost 10 dollars right now).


NOTE: the price per BFG is raising every 100,000,000 tokens that are mined, so with time you would acquire less but still it’s a good deal to recover the investment in less than a year, and we are just making simple maths, without any bet strategy or reinvestment, so, what are you waiting for? ;) Are you going to miss this? HERE you can sign up for the page


Disclaimers: I’m not a financial advisor, just an empirical crypto-enthusiast and a math geek. Also, the links here are affiliate links, if you want to contribute with this kind of content please feel free to support it by using that link, I will appreciate it and be thankful for that kindness 🥰😊



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